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Olive oil - Local Products -  Le 3e Restaurant - Bar - Terrace Nice

Olive oil

Recognized since Greek and Roman antiquity, olive oil is one of nature’s greatest benefits. As prestigious wines, its flavors are delicate and multiple, and its healthy properties are recognized as exceptional. Intense, fruity, subtle, its aromas remind us of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, and give gastronomic creations another dimension, between strength, authenticity and minerality. Emotions are freeing up, it’s time for tasting. The Executive Chef Cyril Cheype works in collaboration with the olive oils of the iconic house Nicolas Alziari.


Le Citron du Menton  - Local Products - Le 3e Restaurant - Bar - Terrace Nice

Menton Lemon

The lemon of Menton is an exceptional product. Cultivated by a handful of enthusiasts in the region of Menton, his specificity and excellence have been recognized through a protected geographical index. With its bright yellow skin and elliptical shape, it is harvested by hand and does not have any chemical treatment after harvest. Its intensely fragrant juice and its semi-acid flavor without bitterness make it a precious ingredient that reveals with subtlety and strength the richness of our local and Mediterranean terroir.


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The Niçois Vegetable Garden

Rich in flavors and colors in all seasons, the Niçois vegetable garden combines authenticity and simplicity, like Chef Cyril Cheype’s cuisine. The vegetables are made of sunshine and bring sweetness in the plates. Niçoises zucchinis and their flowers give market stalls and local kitchens a unique Mediterranean color. In season, the févettes accompany the traditional Niçoise salad and illuminate the crunchy spring days. What about the sunny tomatoes that accompany burrata and red fruits in summer, as well as the chards that are part of the tasty chart pie, whether it’s salty or sweet.